Best Voice Over Artist in Nigeria

Best voice over artist in Nigeria and Africa


I am Catalyst Okoli – the Best voice over artist in Nigeria!

Thanks for your interest in my work!

I’m a professional voice over artist with over 3 years of experience. I will record a professional male Nigerian accent or African accent voice-over for you with high-quality broadcast audio in my home studio.

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I’ve recorded hundreds of voice-overs – from radio & TV commercials, explainer, training tutorials, product, and whiteboard videos, voicemail/IVR prompts, E/learning programs, narration, apps, real estate ads and much more for clients around Africa!

My service is unique in that I am also a Whiteboard animation video producer! So, if you’d also want a Whiteboard animation video with your voice over, I will get it done for you at a very affordable price!

I have an in-home professional studio. All of my voiceovers are professional recordings, and customer service is KEY for me.

For information about my Pricing structure, please visit my Pricing Page.

Voice over is more than just about any voice reading a script. A professional can deliver your message in a credible, friendly and persuasive way.

Research shows that listeners are more likely to retain messages that are delivered by a professional voice talent.

You’ll increase sales, click-through rates and increase the amount of time you grab a potential customers attention by using an experienced vocal expert (me).

Satisfaction Guaranteed:

It’s about providing you with the best experience possible. That’s my guarantee. If I fail to deliver to your taste and expectations, you get your money back (no questions asked)!

Ready-to-use voice overs:

Voice overs are delivered in .Mp3 and .Wav file formats, and broken into as many files as you like. You have the option to sync.


I pride myself on professionalism.

My Voice overs are crisp, clear, powerful and

Check out some of my Demos


Post Title: The Best Voice Over Artist in Nigeria and Africa

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