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Nigerian Voice Over Artists - Best Voiceover artist in Nigeria

If you need a Professional Nigerian voice over artist, then you’ve come to the right place!

I am Chibuike (Catalyst) Okoli – a practicing Voiceover artist with over 3 years experience. I’ve recorded Voiceovers for hundreds of small and big brands including; De Royal Noodles, Foshizi Tours, Yochaa App,, Fynefield Petroleum, Donlala’s Collection, House Shopp, etc.

Welcome to; the one-stop shop for all your Professional Nigerian accent, General African accent, and American accent voice over needs!

Do you need an amazing voiceover for your Commercials, TV/Radio ads, Whiteboard animation/explainer videos, Corporate narration, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), On-hold messages, Voicemails, Web Videos, Documentary narration, Audiobooks, Educational videos, Announcements, Inspirational videos, Toys & Games, YouTube videos, Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR), Birthday messages, Alarm systems, Dubbing, DJ drops/Radio imaging, Medical narration, etc…?

I’ve got you covered!

Let’s work together to bring your project to life…

Whether you’re an Animator, Advertising agency executive, Audiobook narration producer, Radio/TV network producer, Creative director, Video game developer, Independent publisher, Motion graphics studio, Production manager, YouTuber, Voice agent, Pay to play site, or Marketing director,… Let’s work together to ensure you get exactly the right result you need for your project(s).

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Accents I Do:

I do Nigerian accent Voiceovers (including Igbo accent, Hausa accent, & Yoruba accent), General African accent voiceovers, & American accent male voiceovers.

Global Voiceover:

Distance is not a barrier! No matter where you’re located in the world, you will receive your voiceover recording via email – so, I work remotely from my home studio, and have done voiceovers for clients all around the world!

Pricing and Script Length:

A 75-word script is approximately 30 seconds long.

A 150-word script is approximately 1 minute long.

I charge N40,000 (i.e. $110USD) for 1 minute (60 secs) of recorded Voiceover.

My rate is non-negotiable!… And you’ll get an invoice of your payment after the complete payment is made.


Styles & Moods:

Friendly, Conversational, Announcer, Confident, Believable, Authoritative, Executive, Deep, Strong, Classy, The Guy-next-door, High-energy, Authentic, Articulate, Informative, Aristocrat, Executive, Radio Jockey, Calming, Emotional, Drill Sergeant, Playful, Game Show Host, Singer, Professional, Motivational Speaker, Sincere, Carefree, Dynamic, Compassionate, Sympathetic, Approachable, Concerned, Engaging, Wise, Proud, Intelligent, Tranquil, Down-to-earth, Earnest, Medical narration, Unique, Humorous, Comic, Enthusiastic, Characters, Energetic, Narrator, Articulate, Spokesperson, Aggressive, Action Star, Natural, Newscaster, Warm, Robotic, Imaging, Soothing, Romantic, Movie Trailer, and so on…

Fast Delivery:

Your Voiceover will take anywhere between 1 – 3 days (depending on the length of your Script). Once your payment is made, I will commence your recording!

Payment Method:

  1. Sign Up on 
  2. Then follow this link to the Order Page

I am a directable voice actor with a wide range of styles and vocal techniques. My ability to interpret the subtleties in your copy enables me to make a strong emotional connection with your listeners/audience.

Why Your Business Marketing Video Should Use A Professional Voiceover:

Video, is known to have the highest conversion rate amongst other forms of marketing in today’s digital age!

Aside better conversions, they get better Return on Investment (ROI), higher Google rankings, and more social media engagement.

85% of businesses felt that their explainer video helped them to increase sales. And, 87% of customers have been convinced to make a purchase or download an app after watching a brand’s video!

More than 80% of all internet traffic will be video by 2020! So, the sooner you get on board, the better for your business.

But, it isn’t just all about creating an amazing video…

What really draws the audience in, is the voice on the video.

Therefore, you need a Professional voiceover artist who knows his/her stuff!

Professional voiceover artists or actors, are trained to use their voice to bring your script to life! Their job is to convey emotion and excitement that will fully engage your audience – the read has to sound authentic, confident, and believable!

Call/WhatsApp: +2348159261159

Voice over gives your video a human touch, and using the right Professional voice over talent brings trust and credibility to your video.

On top of that,… my recordings are done with high-quality equipment. You are guaranteed a clean, crisp, quality recording devoid of background noise or unbalanced wave-levels.

The main goal you want from your marketing, is to get your audience to take action! And, through my storytelling skills as a your voice over actor, you’ll have a better chance of getting them to do that.

Why You Should Hire A Professional Voice Actor:

Believe me when I tell you that recording your voiceovers yourself is a very bad idea! You are very likely to sound as though you’re reading directly from a script!

One of the main benefits of hiring a Professional voiceover actor is that, they take the words in your script, and own everything – as though the words are coming directly from their own head (instead of a script).

Here are more reasons to hire a Professional voice artist:

  • Experience: A Professional voice talent offers many years of experience with all different types of copy/script. I have 3 years experience in Voiceover.
  • Industry Knowledge: Professional voice artists understand the components of a voice-over project and what is expected – including sensitivity to the needs of all players in the process.
  • Trained Actor: Professional voice over talents are also actors. They understand how to deliver a performance in front of a microphone (as opposed to on-stage, or in front of a camera). They should be able to interpret your script for its intended audience, and put up a convincing performance.
  • Professional Studio: A Professional voice artist must work from an equipped studio, and delivers high-quality audio. I use NW-700 Neewer Condenser studio microphone, Panasonic shotgun microphone, and powerful computers.
  • Trained Editor: A Professional voice talent should also be able to edit the voice recording; ensuring you get high-quality output file in whatever format of your choice.
  • Readily Available: A Professional voice artist must always be available for business. And must deliver the finished work on or before the deadline.
  • Commitment: A Professional voice artist stays abreast of trends in the industry; from varying styles of vocal performance, to the latest technologies for recording with clients around the globe.
  • Valuing Your Brand: A Professional voice talent will deliver a performance and quality worthy of your brand’s image and integrity.
    When you invest in your business, it’ll improve your sales and conversions!

I am one of the Best Nigerian Voice Over Artists… For your Voice over needs, Contact me today.

What You Don’t Want Your Voiceover to Sound Like:

  • Your voiceovers should not have audible breathing in between lines.
  • Your voiceovers should not contain loud “poof” sounds, generated when pronouncing words with ‘P’.
  • Your voiceovers should not contain ‘hissing’ sounds generated when pronouncing words with ‘S’.
  • Your voiceovers should flow smoothly; without stumbles and hesitation on long/complicated words.
  • Your voiceovers should have a natural-sounding and friendly tone. It shouldn’t sound as though someone is reading the words off a script!
  • Your voiceovers should not contain echoes or sloppy post editing equalization. 
  • Your voiceovers should be delivered with consistent enthusiasm. The closing lines should not lose the energy-level it started with!
    With my Voiceover service, you are guaranteed all these, and more!

What Can I Use Voiceovers For?

There are countless types and uses for voiceovers today. But, here are the main uses of Voiceover;

  • Narration:
  • Copywriting:
  • Radio/TV
  • Commercials: For commercials, your business requires a Professional and persuasive speaker. Whatever style or mood you need, I will do an amazing job – delivering a natural flowing read.
  • Web Presentations: With the right scripts, a Professional voice actor can ensure your narration is perfectly done, lively, and engaging – keeping your viewers glued to your video from start to finish.
  • Voicemail: The right tone and pacing makes sure your voicemail & on-hold greetings don’t sound robotic or disinteresting. Even though it’s a voicemail, it should reflect personality and be engaging.
  • AudioBooks: Audiobooks are becoming very popular today. Because, technology has made it very easy for people to self-publish and market their books on the internet. And, as you’re capturing potential readers, you should also consider targeting the population that prefer to listen to books, rather than read them.
    Turning your entire text into an audible book, can help you get more exposure and reach!

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