Voice Over Training in Nigeria: A Step-By-Step Voiceover Guide

If you’ve ever had interest in doing Voice over, or have ever been fascinated and captivated by the Voice overs you hear in Radio ads/announcements, Television commercials/documentaries, Phone voicemails/IVRs, Instructional videos/Corporate narration or Cartoons and animation, then this is your opportunity to learn everything you need to know about Voice over, how to become a good Voice over artist/actor, and how to start making doing Voice over full-time or part-time.

Initially, I had wanted to give out this information as a paid ebook. But I changed my mind after watching some videos from my mentor Gary Vaynerchuk about the importance of providing free value upfront.

So, instead of selling this information as an ebook, I’ll gradually publish them as free content (posts) on this site – so, bookmark the site.

What You’ll Gain From This Free Course:

  • What is Voice over?
  • Types and Genres of Voice over
  • Size of the Voice over market
  • Who should go into the Voice over industry?
  • Basic qualifications needed
  • Basic requirements needed

– Microphone recommendations

– Recording booth recommendations

– Audio editing software recommendations

  • How to set-up a USB microphone and XLR microphone
  • How to set-up a simple home studio
  • How to record and edit your Voiceover using Audacity
  • Basic Microphone/recording techniques to get better audio quality
  • Voice over practice Scripts, Demo Scripts, and where to get them
  • Vocal Warm-ups, Exercises and proper Voice training tips
  • What your Voice overs should not sound like
  • Tips for specific types of Voiceover
  • Your Voice over Demo Reel
  • How and where to get Voiceover work

– Voice over Marketplace website recommendations

– Social media recommendations

– Offline tips and strategies

– Your personal website

  • How to properly brand your Voice over Business/Service
  • How to market your Voice over brand and Get a consistent client flow
  • Inspirational Voice over success stories
  • Motivational speech every aspiring Voiceover talent needs to hear

With all this knowledge, you are guaranteed to receive the proper insight and training required to start going after your Voice over passion, and actually making money from it.

Meanwhile, here are some General Voice over tips and guidelines:

First, you have to have the desire, passion, and a little bit of talent in that arena (no need for any formal certificate to start doing voice over)…. Just have a good ear for listening to other voiceovers/commercials, documentaries, movies, radio/TV presenters… You have to have a good ear to identify the voices you Like, and start practicing trying to sound like that (both consciously and subconsciously) – but you don’t have to sound exactly like them,… You should slowly discover your own voice, style and  genre…. Always practice speed by reading books aloud (to develop a fast reading pace without mistakes).

In voice-over, you need only two things… A microphone, and an Audio editing software.

There are two types of microphones. One is USB microphones, the other is XLR microphones. USB mics are generally cheaper and easier to use – just plug it directly to your laptop and start recording (so, you can start with that option).

USB mics range from N8,000 to N40,000 (depending on your budget). And you can search and buy them from Aliexpress.com, Amazon.com,  Jumia.com,  or Jiji.com (just search for ‘USB studio condenser microphone’… The one I’m using is: Audio Technica at2020 USB+ Studio Microphone. It costs about N38,000 (But there are far cheaper options out there starting from N8000 upwards – with very good quality).  You can also buy the microphone from big commercial cities like Lagos or Onitsha.

As for Audio editing software, you can download Audacity on your laptop… It is a free audio editing software (there are hundreds of tutorials on YouTube about how to record and edit your voice over using  Audacity – watch some tutorials).

Alternatively, you can record your Voiceovers in a professional studio near you (if you don’t want to buy a microphone or concern yourself with the technical aspects of recording and editing your Voiceovers.

Then to start getting clients,… Meet individuals and businesses around you and tell them you do voiceover… Then also Sign Up/create an account on Fiverr.com. Fiverr allows service providers to advertise what they can do. You can start getting clients from Fiverr.

There are tutorials on YouTube that show you the step-by-step process of creating a Fiverr account and optimizing it properly.

Also, most Voiceover jobs are concentrated in Lagos (so, if you’re located in Lagos, you’ll get way more clients than anywhere else).

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